Below are a few examples of the kind words my clients have bestowed upon me. If you would like to speak with a former client of mine as a reference please give me a call and I’ll be happy to connect you with any of a number of them.
Thank you.

~ Mike Dunitz

I’ve done seven transactions with Mike over the last 25 years; the last two being this year. Mike is on it. He is fair and is always one step ahead. No matter what the issue is he always has time. He is a great negotiator and knows how to navigate all of the steps between offer and closing. He has helped me with lenders, escrow, and has a great list of contractors and handymen. During the inspection process he is proactive, and was supportive when I backed out of one escrow this year due to issues uncovered during the inspection.

I’ve recommended Mike to friends and they also have had great success. If you need a realtor in the South Bay, you need Mike Dunitz.
-Ellen W.

I was in charge of handling our mother’s estate. She had died several years before, and our stepfather had recently died — meaning that it was now time to sell Mom’s beloved Manhattan Beach home; it was not in good shape, and was a “tear down.” Although that simplified matters, my siblings and I had a practical problem: all of us lived far away, and could not possibly oversee the sale. We needed someone local and very “hands on” to shepherd the transaction.

I found Mike Dunitz — or “The Beach Broker” — through a simple Google search. Yes, I read other websites, but here’s what struck me about Mike’s: his tone of sincerity, honesty and genuine desire to help his clients. The testimonials from Mike’s prior clients were striking — although everyone’s story was different, here was the common thread: a deep appreciation for Mike and his patience, knowledge, unflinching honesty and willingness to go the extra mile.

I called Mike and liked him immediately; I knew I could trust him. Mike was a good and careful listener, and put together a solid proposal. We were off to the races! Mike gave us solid advice, was incredibly attentive, and always kept us informed — even when he wished he had better news: for completely unrelated (and unforeseeable) reasons, two of our prospective buyers fell out of escrow. Mike never lost faith, however, and just kept things moving. He was diligent, careful, upbeat, and pitch-perfect. In short, Mike is a great guy and wonderful to work with. I really cannot say enough good things about him, and recommend him without reservation.
-Blanche C., New York City

I’ve been a client of Mike Dunitz for over 14 years and subsequently we have become good friends. Within those 14 years he has completed four real estate transactions for me in the beach area of the South Bay. From the very beginning after meeting Mike I could tell from his patience and professionalism that he was the right broker for me. He was honest to the point where he didn’t “sugar coat” any problems that arose but always worked to resolve them. I’ve been more than pleased with every deal that he has closed for me.

Recently, when my best friend passed away and I became the trustee for her Estate, I was burdened with the task of selling her house. Mike helped me through the emotional process of preparing the house to be put on the market as well as the cleaning and the removal of the personal belongings of my friend. When issues arose from this “as is” estate sale, he was able to negotiate a fair settlement with the buyer’s agent. Mike had actually met my friend years ago and remembered how close we were and knew how difficult this was for me to see through. I can’t thank him enough for helping me through this difficult process.

Mike Dunitz takes a personal interest in every transaction as if it were his own and I would never hesitate to refer him to anyone who had a need for a hard working and honest real estate agent in the South Bay. I have complete confidence in Mike and would welcome any inquires regarding my experiences with him.
Wayne N, Hermosa Beach

Mike Dunitz acted as our real estate broker in the sale of our home in Manhattan Beach, CA. Previous to the sale, we rented the home and it needed a great deal of repair to put it back in shape. Mike acted like a general contractor in fixing things up as well as remodeling the kitchen “to the bones”. Since my wife and I live in Kansas, we could not help Mike with the work except by phone. With great self-sufficiency, Mike completed the makeover and then sold the home in the space of 4 months.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mike as a real estate broker or home rehabilitation expert. My wife and I are very grateful.
-Blake H., Pratt, KS

This is a letter of recommendation for Mike Dunitz. My wife and I live in the Kansas City area and have a son who attends college in Los Angeles. We were interested in finding a vacation beach house that we could use while visiting him as well as escaping from the midwestern winter weather. I actually found Mike by accident through his Internet website at beach-broker.com. A return e-mail from him and subsequent call resulted in a two day tour of the properties that were available that met our criteria. Mike has an uncanny knowledge of the local market as well as reading his clients’ desires. He was able to show us a variety of homes in those two days that allowed us to confidently make a decision as well as an offer after the short weekend visit.
We have purchased numerous houses in multiple states and have never dealt with an agent like Mike Dunitz. I have an innate distrust of car salesman and real estate agents. Mike certainly broke down my stereotypes. He is brutally honest and had our long-term interests in mind (not his commission) at all times. I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe Mike and the service he provided. He dealt admirably with a rather eccentric seller and made the nearly 2,000 mile distance between us inconsequential.
We chose location over appearance and had a major renovation to perform. He suggested a contractor who performed the work and did such a good job I wish he could remodel our Kansas home. Mike supervised the entire project from start to finish. I can’t tell you how many times we called him for help or a reference request to handle a particular problem. Everyone whom he suggested was honest and provided the service in a more than competent fashion. I am sure most of his clients are local and do not require as much attention. We count Mike as one of our blessings and sing his praises every time we visit our Manhattan Beach home. He provided all of this assistance at no charge. Mike is motivated purely by his love of his job and an overwhelming desire to provide incomparable honest service.
My wife and I are obviously huge Mike Dunitz fans. If you have any questions regarding our experience or the exemplary service provided by him, please feel free to contact us at anytime.
-John T., D.D.S., M.D. Kansas City, MO

I want to again express my deep gratitude not only for getting us a fantastic result but also for all the time and hard work you put in on our behalf in connection with the sale of our home. I also want to commend you for exceptional honesty and straightforwardness and for the considerable knowledge and experience you displayed throughout the process. I gained a new appreciation, watching you work, of the many different facets and demands of your job. You had to don so many hats — housing market specialist, real estate law expert, city planning expert, contractor, negotiator, and, last but not least, counselor — and they fit you perfectly. Selling a home that we loved and lived in for so long was more emotional of an experience that I thought it would be and your kind, compassionate and wise advice helped guide us safely and happily through it. I would be more than pleased to recommend you to anyone and everyone buying or selling a home.
-John H., Former Manhattan Beach resident

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help and advice during the last year and a half of my home search. Over the past 17 months I have had the pleasure of working with a true professional and a friend. The real estate market is volatile and it takes a real pro to keep on top of the latest trends. You are my guy. Your expertise and patience were appreciated, especially in the depths of my indecision, not knowing if I would ever find the perfect home. Well, you did it, and I thank you! Your knowledge and guidance through the myriad of paperwork, loans and inspections always made me feel comfortable and confident, because you were on my side. You introduced me to the perfect mortgage company, home inspector and other professionals who were required to make the deal go through. Mike, you are the best and I will tell my friends about your patient and professional service. I’m a home owner and I love it! I wish all the best for you in the future, you deserve it!
-Patrick D., Manhattan Beach

Mike Dunitz is a competent, diligent, conscientious and ethical broker who not only provides great brokerage services, but also provides great home-buying/ownership advice. Mike was very helpful and patient in showing me and my family numerous homes all over the South Bay and in helping us select the “perfect house” for us. What impressed me the most about Mike was his giving an honest opinion about the houses we were looking at, and his not always telling us what we wanted to hear or what was in his best interest. Mike was also very helpful in assisting us with the financing and redecorating/remodeling of our new house. Mike recommended a great lender, decorator and contractor; attended several meetings between us and the decorators and contractors that he both recommended and did not recommend; and provided a lot of great advice on redecorating and remodeling our house. Months later, Mike is still providing us with great home-ownership advice, and even offered to come to our house and advise on our outdoor built-in barbecue project.
-Amadeo & Gloria, Redondo Beach

Mike, I would like you to know how fortunate I feel to have worked with you. I had a great sense about you and my instincts paid off. We were always on the same page, and even more importantly, we were able to communicate so efficiently. It didn’t seem to matter what my concern was, you were always willing to just listen, if need be, or to offer valuable advice. Thanks so much, because knowing you were always available was so important to me, and it also was an extreme comfort.
-Jana, formerly of Redondo Beach

I have known Mike Dunitz for many years when he first helped my mother purchase a commercial property in Redondo Beach. Recently, I again utilized the services of Mike to sell an older residential property on Catalina in Redondo Beach to a developer. The current sale on Catalina was a problematic transaction that truly utilized Mike’s strengths as a realtor:

Experience in Real Estate:

  • Mike utilized his extensive network and resources to contact a multitude of potential purchasers for my property. I did not want a realtor who only approached a small number of possible buyers.

  • When issues arose over city issues, historical designations, and legal easement issues, Mike again was able to advise, educate and refer me to resources that could quickly and cost effectively resolve these issues.


  • Despite knowing that my property would likely be sold to a developer I never felt there was any compromise in my interests being put first.

  • Mike conducted several difficult negotiations with city personnel, the owner of neighboring property, and numerous potential purchasers. All negotiations were conducted in a very professional and ethical manner.

Personal Service

  • Mike kept me up to date on all facets of the selling of my property, even when I was out town. I always felt I knew exactly what was going on and any task assigned to Mike was as good as done.

  • I wholeheartedly recommend Mike Dunitz to anyone who has real estate needs in the South Bay. My satisfaction with Mike’s service involves all facets of the transaction, from the early discussions on marketing strategies, through the tough negotiations with potential buyers and satisfying legal issues, to the final purchase contract and escrow. If you have any questions I would welcome being contacted directly.
  • -Gordon, Manhattan Beach GChen@apropos-sw.com

Atsuko and I would like to thank you for all the care and hard work you put into helping us find our house in Manhattan Beach. I think we most appreciated four aspects of your work. First, you were patient. When we first met you, we had just moved from Japan and started new jobs and new schools. You very patiently showed us around Manhattan Beach and explained the different neighborhoods and schools, but we decided to rent for a year instead. Then, when we were ready to buy a house, you did it all again. Second, we appreciated your knowledge of not just the area but the history of the houses for sale. This was particularly useful in helping us to understand the variables which were important in pricing a house and in alerting us to potential drawbacks which we had not considered. Third, we appreciated your hard work throughout the entire process, from looking at houses to negotiating to moving in. Our four-year old still talks about you! Finally, and most important, we appreciated your honesty, because without that none of the other stuff matters. It would have been easy for you to have let us buy the first house we sort of liked (and could afford), but instead we kept looking. We are now in a terrific home on a great street in a wonderful neighborhood. Thank you for all of your help. Please feel free to use us as a reference, and as soon as we get some furniture we’re having you over for dinner!
-David, Atsuko, Hannah, Kohei, Manhattan Beach

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mike Dunitz, who recently helped us purchase our first home. My wife and I worked extensively with Mike for almost 1 year in our search for a home. Although this search was at times frustrating, the one shining light was Mike Dunitz. I truly feel that the home buying experience can be one of ultimate success or absolute failure. The importance of an experienced real estate agent is often the only thing that distinguishes between positive and negative outcomes. In previous years, we had worked with other real estate agents when we looked for homes in the West Los Angeles area. Pushy, arrogant, and self serving would be the words that I would use to describe these agents. I often got the feeling that these agents were looking for the perfect house for their commission, as opposed to the best home for our family. About 2 years before this experience with rather nepharious real estate agents, we had briefly looked at homes in the South Bay with Mike Dunitz. At that time we found him to be pleasant and quite knowledgeable. When we decided to stop our home search in West Los Angeles and start looking once again in the South Bay, Mike was our natural choice for a real estate agent. There was no doubt whatsoever in this choice. The level of integrity that this man has is unsurpassed. He truly searched for the perfect home for us, not for his pocket book. Mike was so keen on finding the perfect home for us that he would often advise us NOT to make offers on houses that we thought might work. With Mike’s 25 years of real estate experience, he actually advised us against purchasing these homes because he felt that they would not serve our family’s needs. In retrospect, he was absolutely correct. Mike would not settle in our purchasing a home that would not serve our needs and was willing to spend the time necessary to find the right home. The end result of our time spent with Mike Dunitz was truly the perfect home for us. We moved into our house in Redondo Beach in early fall. Our 3 children not only have the space they need, but so do my wife and myself. Without Mike’s expertise and savy, our multiple bidding situation would most likely not have worked out. It is rare to find an honest, patient, dependable, and responsible person like Mike Dunitz who really cares about his clients and makes the extra effort to ensure that his client’s needs are met. We wish him all the best in his already successful career.
-Dr. Rumi and Farah, Redondo Beach

Now that the dust has (for the moment, anyway), we wanted to extend a very sincere and heartfelt thanks for all the time, energy, patience and dedication you invested in Jim and me. We couldn’t have been more fortunate to have someone with your level of integrity and expertise at our side as we searched for, found and settled into our dream home. Searching for a home, as you know, can be stressful, tedious and sometimes depressing, but you made it fun, educational and encouraging. This house far surpasses anything we ever imagined we’d buy (flash back to popcorn ceilings and scary bathrooms!), and we have you to thank for putting a fruitful end to our very long search. We look forward to having you over for rooftop cocktails! All our best
-Pamela and Jim, Hermosa Beach

We are pleased to write a letter on behalf of our realtor and friend, Mike Dunitz, who sold our home recently. Mike did an outstanding job by helping us in every way: 1. Listing our home at a reasonable price with regard to it’s age, the comparable home listings in our neighborhood, and the improvements we had made during our tenure. 2. Mike’s advertising methods were strong and effective. He sold our home in a little over one week. 3. Mike’s advice to us was invaluable about what we should improve before selling our home, what to expect from potential buyers and then subsequently, which contract was the strongest. He directed us with excellent knowledge of the procedures every step of the way and made our lives so much easier. 4. Mike made sure that everything was completed at our closing after we had already moved out of state. Everything progressed smoothly and we were very happy with the results. Mike’s an extremely intelligent agent, but also his level of honesty and integrity are without compromise and are rare qualities in today’s competitive arena. We give Mike the highest level of recommendation without reservation to anyone in the South Bay wanting to buy or sell a home. We will request his services if and when we return to the area. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
-Curt and Sarah, Formerly of Manhattan Beach

I wanted to express my appreciation in writing for the outstanding and professional service you provided Amanda and me during our house search and purchase. Beginning from our first contact with you, you took care to learn exactly what type of home we were looking for. You showed exceptional patience as we narrowed down our list of acceptable areas, and your in-depth knowledge of the South Bay was invaluable to us as we made our decisions. As much as your help in finding the right home was crucial, so was your firmness in helping us avoid those which would not have been right for us. You helped remind us of the critical factors we were looking for whenever we were seduced by homes which we could have purchased, but which wouldn’t have met our needs. Finally, your diligence in helping us deal with a difficult seller and the extensive work which needed to be done to the house, turned out to be a life-saver – as well as a dollar saver! Once again, please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. I can without reservation recommend to anyone, whether buyer or seller, your professional services – and I would be delighted to provide a more personal testimonial to anyone who would be interested in our experience. Feel free to pass on my name to any person who wants to know what kind of professional you are.
-Dave and Amanda, Manhattan Beach

Mike Dunitz helped us sell our home in June of this year and we are very satisfied with the services he provided us. From the beginning, Mike conducted himself in a professional courteous manner which helped relieve some of the anxieties we had in selling our home of over twenty years. It is never easy to get a house ready for sale or to have strangers coming through but Mike was very sensitive to our wants and needs in this regard and helped ease the process. We always felt we were getting as much of his attention as we needed and that he was very responsive to any special considerations we had. Mike really knew the local market and helped us price the house appropriately. He also was an effective negotiator on our behalf during the period of time we were receiving offers and going through escrow. In the end, we received the best price ever for a home in our neighborhood in large part due to Mike’s efforts. We highly recommend Mike to anyone interested in professional, personalized real estate service.
-Mona & Larry, formerly of Manhattan Beach

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did in selling my home on such short notice. I congratulate your firm in having someone who is eminently suited to cope with the many problems involved. I was impressed by your honesty, sincerity, wisdom, and kindness. I knew immediately upon meeting you that my sisters and I could trust you. My sisters join me in expressing our sincere appreciation in doing such a fine job. You have our deepest gratitude. You won the respect, confidence, and admiration of myself and my sisters, and you should be proud of the reputation you have earned. It is a privilege to know you, and we shall miss everyone. Our best wishes for your continued success.
-Julia, Manhattan Beach

Thank you your assistance in selling our Roth house on 19th Street. You were always there to help in every way possible, from the open houses to suggestions on sprucing up the house to letting in repairmen. With your help, we were able to sell our house within 10 days and at a terrific price. This allowed us to purchase and move into our new house, which you were instrumental in finding for us. Thank you again for all of your wonderful help. If we come across anyone looking for a house in the South Bay, we will be certain to pass your name on. We know that you will do the same great job for them.
-Geoff and Chris, Manhattan Beach

I would like to let you know how much our entire family appreciated your efforts while representing us in both the sale of our old home and the purchase of our new home. Several circumstances created fairly complex transactions and your diligence during all phases from negotiations to closing greatly influenced the outcomes. In simple terms, you were there for us day and night. Please pass on our gratitude to your wife as she put up with many late evening calls during the holiday season. Again, thanks for being Mike!
-Matt and Laura, Manhattan Beach

We would like to take this time to thank you for the most professional manner in which you handled the sale of our home in Manhattan Beach and the purchase of our new home in Rancho Palos Verdes. Your attention to every detail was probably the key that the transaction went so smoothly. Bernice was pleased that she only had to have only two Open houses. You were concerned about our belongings and respected our apprehension. Looking forward to have you over to enjoy our view.
-Bernice and Michael, Rancho Palos Verdes

This is a letter of appreciation and thanks to Mike Dunitz for his stellar performance in selling our home in Manhattan Beach, California. Mike’s real estate, area, and client knowledge enabled us to achieve all of our expectations faster than we ever dreamed of. Mike had every detail in TOTAL control throughout our transaction. Mike is a very dedicated and professional agent that we have and will continue to recommend to other buyers and sellers. Foremost, we appreciate Mike’s honesty. He is an agent you can trust and someone you would be proud to have as a friend. Thanks again Mike!
-Bill & Joyce, Manhattan Beach

Moving to Southern California from the East Coast can be a somewhat daunting and surprising experience. Settling on the right community, finding good schools, locating that great yet affordable home—these are not subjects to be left to the unadvised. Simply, one must find another in whom he or she can place immense trust. We, fortunately for us, found Mike Dunitz. Your personal concern, unlimited time, flexibility, consistency, and above all, your honesty and integrity—we felt it all from the beginning. You have been terrific!
-Mike & Susie, Manhattan Beach homeowners

You were very patient during our search, never pressuring us to bid on any of the homes we looked at, and always willing to show us another house, or send us another list. When we finally decided on a house you closed the deal within hours at our price and with some additional assurances that were important to us as first time buyers. Your role as a buyer’s agent was invaluable.
-Thomas, Hermosa Beach homeowner

…with all the real estate agents we’ve encountered, you’re certainly the hardest working, and we appreciate all the late nights that you put in. We’d be happy to recommend you to anybody, anywhere, any time.
-Jeff & Ruth, Manhattan Beach homeowners

When I first began looking for a home to buy in Manhattan Beach, your hard work and honesty were refreshing. You are by far the best real estate broker I have ever dealt with, both as a listing and selling agent. Your honesty, integrity, experience, and hard work have been much appreciated, and I look forward to using you again in the future when I return to Manhattan Beach.
-Floyd, Former Manhattan Beach homeowner

Thank you for all the hard work and effort you have provided in helping us sell our old house and with the purchase of our new home in Manhattan Beach. The professionalism and dedication you exhibited throughout the entire process were greatly appreciated. Especially thoughtful was the ‘after the sale’ assistance and tips on services, shops and schools to help us get settled into our new Manhattan Beach neighborhood.
-David & Lois, Manhattan Beach homeowners

You are very knowledgeable about the market, insuring that my expectations were appropriately realistic, and I always felt completely comfortable going through what could have been a very high anxiety process (offers, counter offers, closing, etc.). Thanks to you Mike, I feel completely satisfied in my purchase. I will quickly recommend you to anyone I know contemplating buying or selling a home.
-Mark, Hermosa Beach homeowner

When my fiancé and I began the search for our first home we were very concerned about finding the right realtor. We had strong opinions about what we wanted but had never been through the home buying process. Mike was the perfect realtor for us. He had tremendous expertise and experience and shared his thoughts without pushing us whatsoever. Throughout the process, which included some prickly negotiating following the discovery of damage during the inspection, we came to rely heavily on Mike’s advice and guidance. He helped us find the perfect house, negotiate a great price, and ensure all of our concerns were met before closing escrow. He was invaluable in every stage of the purchase and we can think of no one better to list our house when the time comes.
-John and Kerry, Redondo Beach

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