Pricing Your Home

Determining the asking price of your home is the single most important decision you will make in selling your home!  It is important to be realistic.  Price is the number one factor homebuyers consider when choosing which homes to look at.  It’s a fact that 80% of your potential buyers will see your home in the first four to six weeks.   If you don’t sell them then it takes about three months to replace them with an equal number of new homebuyers, and the longer a property stays on the market the less a seller will net.  I can provide you with a professional market analysis of your home to determine its value, taking into consideration recent sale prices of similar properties, competitive homes currently on the market, the condition and location of your home, and general market conditions in the area.

An overpriced home:

  • Will decrease agent response.  If the brokerage community perceives the home as overpriced when it hits the market, it will not be shown very much during the critical period when the listing is “fresh”.
  • Will help sell the competition.  Buyers are comparison shoppers.
  • Creates a negative impression.  People will wonder why your home is still on the market and will think that something is wrong with it.
  • Nets less for the seller in the long run.  The longer a home is on the market, the greater the discount off the list price.  Often a seller will accept a low offer due to an approaching deadline such as job relocation.  A home that has been on the market a long time may cost more in mortgage payments, taxes and maintenance costs.

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