My Marketing Plan


  • I will help you price your property accurately – this is the most important first step.
  • I will help you prepare your home to sell by suggesting ideas that will improve its appearance and marketability.
  • I will review all necessary paperwork with you.  I will also estimate your probable net proceeds.
  • I will tour the property with my office, NW Real Estate Brokers, so they will be familiar with it when they receive ad calls.  They are a good source of feedback regarding price and marketability.
  • I’ll take photos of your property for advertising and the posting in the MLS.
  • I will place an electronic lockbox on the property to facilitate showings.  For security purposes the lockbox records who showed the house, and when it was shown.
  • I will create a professional brochure listing the features and benefits of your home to potential buyers and other real estate agents
  • I will place an attractive wood signpost on the property with a brochure box (which I’ll keep filled with brochures!)
  • I’ll call any brokers known to have buyers looking for similar properties.

Listing Period

  • I will place “Just Listed” ads in the appropriate newspapers.  Advertising strategies will be constantly evaluated and alternative advertising avenues will be explored.
  • I will list your property on the Internet, using sites such as Zillow, Trulia and  My web site, has been very successful.  Social media is also an important part of my marketing strategy.  I will also create a unique web site for your specific address.
  • I will hold a broker’s open house, if desired by the Seller.  This is a very important marketing tool.  I often sell the property as a direct result of the broker’s open house.
  • I will hold public open houses if the seller desires them.
  • I call all agents who have shown the property to see if there is any interest, and to get feedback about how the property shows and what can be done to improve its marketability.
  • I constantly update my clients regarding any changes in the market, such as an increase or decrease in demand, new competition in the market, a change in interest rates, etc.

Sale & Closing

  • I will represent the Seller during the process of receiving offers from buyers as well as negotiating terms of the purchase contract.  This is where you especially need an agent with my level of experience!
  • After the contract is negotiated I will closely monitor the progress of the escrow, and work with the necessary appraisers, inspectors and termite companies to ensure a smooth escrow period.
  • I pledge to always represent your best interests, keep in close touch with you, and do everything possible to sell your property quickly and at the highest price.


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