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Once you have determined the price range you can afford, the next step in the process is to determine the type of home and neighborhood that best suits your needs.  What characteristics do you want or need, and which are to be avoided?  Factors such as overall home size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, style, features, condition, location, schools, etc. all need to be taken into consideration.   Identifying the type of house you are looking for up front will prevent us from wasting time looking at unsuitable properties.

In showing you perspective homes I will objectively point out to you their advantages and disadvantages.  I can help evaluate a home’s potential, keeping in mind future resale value.  Often, I can suggest changes that will make the property better suited to your needs.  What I won’t do is pressure a buyer.  Buying a home is a huge commitment and investment-it is important to make the right choice no matter how long it takes!

Once we have located your dream home I will sit down with you to determine the best strategy for purchasing it.  Issues such as the seller’s motivation, current market conditions, and whether or not other offers exist on the property, all need to be taken into consideration.  Together, we will then determine an offering price and other conditions, such as length of escrow, and begin the negotiation process.  Once the seller has accepted your offer, the escrow period begins.

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